How It Works

Why to prefer is the way of transferring money to Turkey from Europe securely, rapidly and cheaply! This service is provided to EU-resident clients by UPT A.S. (, operating in Turkey, and Inpay A.S. ( operating across European Union as a license-holder of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Holding the payment license across European Union, Inpay sends money transfer requests of EU-resident clients to UPT A.S. in order to be sent to beneficiaries in Turkey directly on online basis.

Secured and
Controlled is protected by means of the latest antivirus software, and our company is under supervision by the competent authorities.

You Can Track Your
Money Instantly

You can track your money through "Track Your Money Transfer" at any time.

Always So Cheap

We value to your money, and keep our charges low to offer you the best price at all times.

How to Send Money

So Easy to Transfer Money via UPT

Sign up on SendUPT in an instant*

Enter the amount you want to transfer, and the Beneficiary's details.

Send the amount together with the reference number to Inpay's account.

Once the amount is received by Inpay, it will transfer it to the beneficiary within a few minutes**

How to Receive Money

So Rapid to Receive Money via UPT

Once the amount is received by Inpay, you can withdraw your money within a few minutes at the nearest location among 10,000 PTT locations. In case of money transfer to your account or credit card, you can again receive your money in your account/credit card within just a few minutes**

* SendUPT is fully compliant with the statutory regulations applicable in European Union and Turkey. According; it reserves its right to request additional documentation and information to perform sign-up processes, money transfer actions and/or maintain with money transfer actions.

** Money can be transferred to the beneficiary in cash or by crediting with the bank account/credit card of the Beneficiary in line with your preferred money transfer type. In case the amount transferred is not received by Inpay's account at all/in desired period and/or the money transfer transaction is not made with reference number, day of money transfer corresponds to a public holiday in the country to which the money is transferred and/or where Inpay's account is held and/or time of money transfer transaction is outside the time period determined for money transfer, or in case of any unexpected systematic failures or natural disasters, or in cases where the Beneficiary's details are inaccurate, etc., money transfer may not be performed or may be performed in the immediate business day. For further information, please read the terms and conditions of SendUPT.