Frequently Asked Questions

What is Send UPT and how does it work?

Send UPT is a service labeled under Inpay A/S, a company incorporated under the laws of Denmark. We allow our customers to transfer money using our online money transfer solution. Any individual/business may send funds in the currencies which is supported under the Send UPT platform.

Send UPT is a money transfer brand owned by Turkish largest payment institution UPT and is part of Aktif Bank in Turkey.

You can select either bank transfer or online direct payment as your preferred method of transferring funds to us for the purposes of sending money to your Recipient. Whatever the transfer method you choose, you must have the account in your name.

Are you new customer? Two steps to follow

Firstly, open your account with us and provide your details (see Q4) to us

Secondly, we will do a customer due diligence checks on you and on the parties involved in the transaction i.e., the recipient and/or third party. We will contact you for the relevant information and documentation as required

What are the conditions you must follow/comply with at the time of opening an account with us?

As an individual, you must be 18 years old at minimum;

As a business, you must have the legal authority to represent the business;

You commit to us that your opening and/or using of an account with us does not violate any law applicable to you.

You must not allow anyone/third party to operate your account on your behalf.

You may open only one account with us.

What are the information details you must send to us for opening of your account?

(i) List of information about you as account holder:

Proof of your identity and bank account information

(ii) How to edit/update any information

To ensure the information we hold is accurate and up to date, you need to tell us as soon as possible if any of the information you have provided to us has changed via you Send UPT account. From time to time, we may also ask you to confirm your details are up to date. We will update our records as soon as possible to ensure we can continue to provide our Services to you.

How do you make your payment order via Send UPT?

In order to make your Payment Order via Send UPT, you will be presented with two options for submitting such order. The two options are called a “Set Origin Order” or “Set Delivery Order”. Please see below for an explanation on what the two options entail. :

“Set Origin Order” which is a Payment Order where you indicate that you wish to send and convert a set amount of Origin Currency to your Recipient whom will receive the converted amount in the Delivery Currency. For example, you choose the send a fixed amount of 100 EUR to be converted to Turkish lira before being delivered to the Recipient. We provide an estimated amount that will be delivered to the Recipient.

“Set Delivery Order” which is a transfer where you indicate that you wish to send and convert a set amount of Delivery Currency to your Recipient from the Origin Currency you pay into us. For example, you choose that the Recipient shall receive a fixed amount of 100 Turkish lira, and send us the equivalent in EUR as calculated by us during and prior to submitting the Payment Order.

What are the required information/document we need from your side to initiate your payment order via Send UPT?

Name of the item Yes/No Explanation
Full name and detail of Recipient Yes When sending to individuals, please including first name and surname. For extra-long names, please use initials.
Recipient Bank account details Yes  
Amount and currency to be transferred Yes  
Reference Yes, please provide reference number if you choose bank transfer The reference will not arrive on the customer’s recipient's bank account- instead it will be sent out via email to the email address customer added with the recipient name and bank details.
Sender and receiver country Yes  
Purpose of transfer Yes  

How much money can you send to Turkey in one transaction/day?

The maximum transaction limit is minimum 1 Euro till maximum-50,000 Euro to bank account/card; 1 Euro till maximum 10,000 Euro to cash payout, but your specific daily transaction limit will vary based on the service you choose and your transaction history.

What is the cost/fees of sending money to Turkey?

Monthly/annual account fees Free
Transfer fee for sending money by bank transfer 15 Euro up to 1,500 Euro, or 1% for payments over 1,500 Euro
Transfer fee for sending money by cash payout 25 Eur
Additional receiving bank fees None
Any hidden charges None
Tax Customer is responsible for any taxes which may be applicable to payments you make or receive.

How long will it take before the receiver can collect the money after you confirm the payment order?

Once you’ve completed the transaction online and received your receipt with a tracking number in working days of Turkey before at 16:00 (UTC +3), your receiver will be able to receive the money within minutes into his/her account in Turkey.

Please note, Funds availability is subject to the terms and conditions of the service. Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory and foreign exchange issues, required receiver action(s), identification requirements, differences in time zones, public holidays or selection of delayed options.

What are the rights you entitled with?

You have the right to send electronic money/payments.

Certain limits may be placed on your Send UPT Account depending on your country of residence, verification checks or other legal considerations.

How do you get indemnified if any accidents happen due to our fault?

We will return the payment to you, including the fees deducted by us.

How far we will take liability?

Any foreseeable loss and damage by us, loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract was made, both we and you knew it might happen, for example, if you discussed it with us during your account sign up process.

Any breach of our obligation as mentioned in the contract.

Failing to use reasonable care and skill.

If there is any mistake or unauthorized payment because of acts or omission from our side or from any of third party who expressly carry out activities in our behalf, we will refund the payment amount including the fees deducted by us.

What are the situations when Send UPT will not be liable?

For any unforeseeable loss or damage

For business losses while you are using TW services for commercial purpose

For any technological attack

No control over websites linked to and from our Website, so not liable for their content/any loss arise from customer’s use of those webpages.

Not liable for the inability to deliver or delay because of things which are outside our control.

Force Majeure events, (Act of God, natural disasters etc.)

What are your liabilities?

If you act fraudulently,

If you fail to notify about the account security issues (loss of password) concerned, then you will remain liable for losses incurred up to your notification to us

If you do not inform us regarding unauthorized or incorrectly completed transaction within 13 months from the date of payment transaction.

If there is any event of loss or claim arises out of any breach of customer agreement, applicable law, regulation, then you will compensate us and hold us harmless

Are you allowed to assign your account?

You are not allowed to assign to anyone including any third party.

What will you do if you have security suspect on your account?

If there is any suspect that you have lost your account security credentials, or anything is stolen or used without authorization, you must contact our Customer Support immediately.

You are also advised to change your password.

Can you cancel payment order already made?

You can cancel if the payment order has not been converted to the other currency.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my online money transfer?

It depends on the circumstances specific to your transaction. Please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to have my funds refunded?

After we confirm your transaction for refunding, your beneficiary bank account or other payment methods that you send through will be refunded. We expect that refunded fund will be in your account or other payment methods in 2 business days, but we are not responsible for delays. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if I provide the wrong details?

We will not be responsible for money sent to wrong recipient because of incorrect information being provided by you. You may ask us to recover money, but we cannot guarantee that such efforts will be successful. In other words, fund reimbursement requests are not guaranteed to be successful in all cases.

If I have compliant whom should I contact and how to proceed?

We will always use our best efforts to provide you with high standard service and will through customer support (Customer support link). We will try to resolve any issue that you may have encountered.

You should quote this transfer number when communicating with Customer Support about a particular Payment Order

Please follow our customer complaint procedure (link here).

Step by step procedure

(i) Contact customer support via +90 850 724 0 878 (please visit the complaints procedure for more information)

(ii) While contacting customer support, please outline in detail the nature of your dissatisfaction or complaint, and your complaint will be escalated to the correct individual or department as soon as possible.

(iii) Be informed that all our customer support team are aware of our internal escalation procedure

(iv) If you are unhappy with the result you can complain to the complaints officer. The complaints officer will respond to your complaint within 3 (three) business days.

(v) The complaints officer will investigate your complaint to get a precise view on the situation, solve any potential issues and will if require, contact you for further details regarding the complaint and can be reached on

How you can communicate with us?

Usually through our contact form on the SendUPT website as an email.

In other way, it might be through telephone..

Email will be deemed received by you on the same day if it is received in your email inbox before 4pm (UTC +3) on a Business Day. If it is received in your email inbox after 4pm (UTC +3) on a Business Day or at any other time, it will be deemed received on the next Business Day.

Post will be deemed received three days from the date of posting or within five days of posting for international post

SMS will be deemed received the same day

You should quote this transfer number when communicating with Customer Support about a particular Payment Order.

Preferred language:

This Agreement is made in the English language. Documents or communications in any other languages are for your convenience and only the English language version of them are official.

Governing law and the court of choice if any dispute arises?

The Agreement is governed by Danish law. Any dispute between you and us in connection with your Send UPT Account and/or this Agreement may be brought in the courts of Denmark.

How can you close your account with us?

At any time by contacting Customer Support.

You warrant to not close your Send UPT Account to avoid an investigation. If you attempt to close your Send UPT Account during an investigation, we may hold your money until the investigation is fully completed to protect our or a third party’s interest.

 Be responsible for all obligations related to your Send UPT Account even after it is closed.