About Us

UPT Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. has been completed the licensing process under the Payment Services Law has been published on 20th June, 2013 and UPT has been officially announced that obtained the license. Click here to see the decision.

UPT is Turkey's first and only local, global money transfer and payment platform for domestic and international transfers to account, credit cards or for cash payments in multiple currencies. UPT started its journey in Turkey in 2010 with the brand UPT – Cheap Money Transfer. With the expansion of our international network, we also started using UPT as “Universal Payment Transfer” since 2012.

Within a short period of 2 years, UPT reached 222 countries and over 400.000 service points and continues to grow in 5 continents. This extensive network has transformed UPT into Turkey’s most preferred system for domestic and global money transfers. UPT offers a new generation of money transfer system which allows customers to send and receive money domestically to a name, bank account or card, and globally to an account or contracted UPT Service Point instantly in TL, USD or EUR. Transfer money automatically transferred to a bank account or credit card. UPT is a subsidiary of Aktif Bank which is Turkey’s largest investment bank.

Today, millions of people prefer UPT for money transfer transactions all over the world. UPT has a distinctive technical infrastructure that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer oriented service system that distinguishes UPT from other money transfer systems.

UPT was deemed worthy of grand prize in the “Payment System of the Year” category for the awards program organized by the leading magazine on Turkey’s banking, retail and payment systems, Payment Systems Magazine’s (PSM), in 2011.